There are many things that occupy my mind throughout my busy days. And when I say busy, I mean scrambling around with my daughter trying to accomplish something other than singing Esty-bitsy Spider and changing diapers. From sun up to sun down, my mind is an endless box of chatter. Its been a task to learn how to shut it up at times, as my husband can attest to. Im convinced he has a game with himself when we are in the car; it is called “How long can I go without responding to Holly’s banter before she realizes she is talking to herself?” Its not a game I enjoy, but he seems get quite a kick out of it, so I’ll continue to humor him. Like most human beings, my mind is inundated with grand ideas, plans, goals, thoughts of how much better things will be tomorrow and who I will become with the passing days. Totally inundated. I have been making an effort to simplify my mind. There is too much rattling around in there for my life to make much sense these days.

How do I simplify my mind?

Get out of my mind and into my body, mentally.
Physically shake my head.
Laugh it off.
Breath again.
Create a paradigm shift.


That’s the main one. Its amazing how just one full swell of good clean oxygen can create such clarity and presence in our bodies.  Simplify. Get Clear. It allows me to release all the nonsense that keeps my mind cloudy and scratchy inside. Scratchy minds are not healthy or safe to be around. So I breathe.


One thought on “Simplify

  1. A dear friend of mine slipped me a simple note once that had only one word written on it: simplify. Simple in form and essence, this message has had a lasting effect upon my life. Although at times my life has been far from simple, merely having the goal or desire to be simple usually brings me back to where I need to be…

    Now, if I could only figure out how to simplify the most complicated situation ever….

    Thanks, dear friend, for the reminder.


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