Natalie Jean and Mom, minutes old

The lashes of love have been blinking non-stop, it seems. I am amazed at how much the changes that life brings can expand the love I feel for my family. Its been about two months since we moved out of the cute contemporary compartment in the Avenues and into our more spacious, bright two bedroom apartment. My heart hurts for Hank every now and again, but I know that he is probably happy living in a place where he can play with another dog, and besides, animals tend to move on in situations like this. I should take a lesson from him.

Our new place has given my heart room to grow. Natalie now has her own room where she can sleep in peace in her new crib. She can toss Shadrack, her teddy bear, over-board as often as she likes. He’ll lay there among the tossed binky’s and socks until I come to rescue him, only to be mauled and tossed again. Its a fun game we play. Poor Shadrack; Nat will get good use out of him. My days seem to be going smoother now that everything has a place and I have a happy husband who is excited every day to come home for lunch and enjoy the company of his two girls. We love him to death! The sun shines brilliantly every evening into the west the windows of our third story apartment. I’m pretty sure that it is my favorite thing about living here. And when it does I am reminded of the warm love Heaven has for me. I am warm and safe here.

Our move comes at an opportune time. The new Renaissance of Spring is upon us, a new semester at school has begun, others are moving on in their respective stages of life all around us, and I find myself amid the whirlwind of it all. Its a beautiful thing how each year around the same time, my energies seem to re converge with lost ideas, unfinished projects and forgotten dreams to remind me of the things I really want to focus on in life. The hibernation of winter is over and it is time for being awake for life again. Time for deep breathing and cleansing. Time for growth and sunshine. This is the time of each year that I crave.

I have already made several trips to the local library and stocked up on the books covering the topics I am interested in lately: Organic Gardening, Natural Baby Care, Financial Peace, Self Improvement and more Baby Raising books. I go in spurts of educating myself with books. There has been a drought for the past few months and I am making up for lost time.
I was on a book reading spree last year around this same time. Babies. It was last year, February, that I became a new mother and my family’s life was changed forever. Natalie will always be a reminder of this awesome metamorphosis of life. Fresh. New.

New things are nice. And while the bank account doesn’t always allow for brand spakin‘ things, I will bask in each new “thing” life hands me. Particularly in the life of my daughter. There are so many Firsts that are new to my whole family. The newness of a first word, a first step, a first sip from a straw or first taste of a new food- these things are priceless and require no bank account at all! I will gladly take the Newness of each day with open arms and eagerly await the next!

Next year will come and with its different challenges and beauty. Until then, I will be grateful to be a part of the growing changing world of my family. It truly is an honor.


3 thoughts on “Newness

  1. Holly, I love that you are a sycamore girl. You make me laugh. You do need to pump up your sass and your ass for that matter skinney chick. Is Alicia going to be OK? Are you going to be ok without her? Take care and be well. Lots of love, Sis

  2. I love that Holly! You express yourself so well – its easy for me to relate to those feelings. I agree. Spring is a great time of year. Now if only it will stop teasing us with snow every other day so we can all go out and enjoy it!

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