Country Girl.

I want to live where the air is clear

I want to grow nourishing food, flower beds under my window.

I want to ride, wind in my hair, charging through a field on the broad back of my steed

I want to teach my children work

I want dirt under my fingernails

I want to sleep sound to the serenade of crickets chirping their wild song

I want to welcome my love home each night,  fire in my eyes

I want to be a country girl


2 thoughts on “Country Girl.

  1. Oh my goodness!!! We just went to a place called Canton yesterday about an hour east of us. I may or may not have fallen in LOVE with eastern Texas. The land is GREEN and rolling. The ground is prime for growing and it’s full of small town life. We should buy 50 acres together and be neighbors! That amount of land wouldn’t cost much. That would be sweet!

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