Usually during a pregnancy a woman will experience different cravings or aversions. During my first pregnancy, all I wanted was apples and blueberries. I had never even liked blueberries before, but for some reason, I could not get enough of them. Luckily they were in season and I ate to my hearts content. When my daughter was born and she began eating solid food, her first choice was always blueberries. Now, nearly three years later, she still prefers blueberries to all else. Interesting, right?

With my second pregnancy (which has been over now for two weeks, hallelujah!), I had an interesting craving: Yellow. Yes. The color yellow. I just could not get enough of it! I wanted to take a bath in YELLOW!!! Talk about color therapy!

I did what any normal person would do when craving a color and headed to Lowes to purchase everything I needed to paint! I enlisted my trusty, handy husband to execute the job of painting our apartment’s walls this color. He’s such a trooper! With my walls happy, bright and yellow, I thought it would be enough. Nope.

I bought yellow nail polish. I bought yellow kitchen towels. Yellow shoes. I made birth art that was covered in yellow. I dreamed in yellow. My soul just soaked every bit of yellow up that it could!

I got to thinking. What would make me want this color so badly? Who craves a color? So I did some reading. I turned to my schooling on the different Chakras found throughout our body. As I recalled, yellow was associated with my “core” or solar plexus- or the point right in the middle of my chest where my ribs come together.

It turns out that according to

“The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with the color yellow. This is the area which defines our “self-esteem”. The personality that develops during puberty is housed in this chakra….otherwise known as the “EGO”. Anyone experiencing dysfunction of the third chakra is having difficulty obtaining or maintaining his/her own “personal power”. This intuitive chakra is where we get our “gut instincts” that signal us to do or not to do something. Strong self-esteem is a required for developing intuitive skills.”

I love it. I’ve been working hard to stay true to my intuitive skills and being firm in decisions I make. My core solar plexus is powerful and I’ve felt that as I journeyed through my pregnancy. Yellow helped me gain control, intuition, self confidence and strong will power.

I am amazed at how our bodies know best. I was able to acquire the very attributes I needed in order to birth my baby peacefully and safely at home with the aid of my midwife. I am so grateful for my body. It works relatively well and I trust its capabilities. This trust gives me power and I will stand in that power.

Oh, and thank you love…for doing all the hard work of my “nesting” projects. You really are the greatest!


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