Voice of the Spirit

I am not usually one to be overly/outwardly spiritual. But these past few months, I just can’t help it. Just like feeling was brought to the surface, so has being more in tune with the Spirit. One friend describes it as “cycling close to heaven”. It is so easy to get carried away in the whirlwind of life and I forget to slow down, breathe and just take a moment to listen. I really enjoyed this video clip found on my church’s homepage,  lds.org. It spoke to me and has made me grateful for such a personal gift: the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  Also, President James E. Faust has a soothing, grounded voice (as most of the Prophets do), which I love.

Perhaps part of listening to the spirit is cutting our own words to a minimum, stopping the mind-chatter and just opening our hearts.


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