Getting Back In

Getting Back In

Chlorine fumes: instant nostalgia. I can’t believe she is still doing this. It has been 15 years. Lap after lap, goggles, flip turns swim suits, swimmer’s ear, joint pain, green hair. Wet. Constantly.

It was my life.

And now my daughter is taking the plunge. The cycle of swimming lessons has begun. I am so excited for her. She has her own little Speedo suit and green goggles that she picked out special just for her three year old self. She is so excited! And so am I.

Over and over- lap after lap. Intervals, endurance 1, 2 and 3. warm up. cool down. 800, 600, 400, 200= 2000 yards. Swim, kick, pull, reverse I.M. It is the most perfect, easy work out. I have probably swum the world around. Her, probably three or four times around. I’d like to have those lungs again. That body. That strength, determination and endurance. That loyalty to myself and my team.

Now the laps I “swim” I swim around my children. Flipping around their every move, their messes and needs. Now I cheer for my daughter as she swims with her teacher.

I would love to get back in. I would love to reek of chlorine, to feel the burn in my muscles and know that I am SO alive with every heavy pulse of my heart, counting out the laps with the rhythm of my breath.

My muscles have changed in the last 15 years. Substantially. My muscles now can be found in using my intuition, mothering (hefting babies), health, listening, peacefulness, spirituality and compassion (sometimes). Of course those muscles are still growing. With every hardship and experience that I allow myself to have that is difficult, I know I will become stronger.

And in a lot of ways, these things are just the same as “getting back in”.


9 thoughts on “Getting Back In

  1. Come down and stay with us this summer and we’ll swim every single day! 🙂 And it is, in my opinion, the PERFECT workout! The summer I taught swimming lessons was still probably one of the favorites of my life. Meeting and courting my husband probably played a small part in that as well. 😉

  2. so excited for her and so impressed by you! you got some awesome muscles. I am with you though, well kinda anyway. When i watch my kids swim I totally want to jump in and give it a try, to bad I dont know how.

  3. I just began swimming due to training for the triathlon. I am SO in awe of the work that it takes to swim! You are amazing!

  4. Camber, we are thinking hard about a trip down your way…seriously.

    Training for a triathlon is hard work! I’m very impressed that you are doing it!

    Bryanna- I think I will. Thank you.

  5. Love your buff stuff.

    3-4 times round the world…. come on Holly, give “her” more credit than that! Ha! It’s her life. Passion. Job. Hobby. Everything. Gotta love her.

    Really like the whole swimming laps around your kids idea. Never thought of if that way. I’ll admit that sometimes it’s tough to just cheer them on, but honestly wouldn’t trade all the laps I do around my kids day in and day out for ANYTHING. Having said that, I really would love to find a way to “get back in” and do some laps for myself. Hummm.

    • Is there a pool where you are, Ree?

      I can hear us belting a strong “HUP!” to our kids as they grow and need encouragement to continue and keep kicking into the next stroke!

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