What will you miss?

I am curious. Since the previous post I have been reflecting on the things that I will miss most about that Greatest Generation. I know my answers. And so I want to know what you will miss? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

I will miss hearing about and seeing:

fishing stories
how far a dollar can stretch
re-using saran wrap over and over (or anything for that matter!)
patience and wisdom


What will you miss?


3 thoughts on “What will you miss?

  1. I cant wait for the day to miss re-using saran wrap or tin foil or anything re-usable. Please let the day come!!! I will miss safe schools, i think violence and misuse of guns in schools are killing the safety we once felt when we were in school.

  2. I was just talking to someone about where to find clip-on earrings. Do they even make those anymore?!
    Becky, yes- safety is becoming a thing of the past, isn’t it? I hope we can pass on the good values so that our children may be able to walk to the corner store and back without blinking an eye!

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