Writing it down

I just read this blog entry and decided that tonight I will just simply write with no purpose in mind. We’ll see where it takes me.


I finally got back in today. My daughter had her swimming lesson, so while she did that, I hopped in the lap pool and swam 600 yards. The water felt nice. Much cooler than the kiddie pool where my daughter was swimming. It woke me up a little and I was able to slide right into my familiar strokes. I smile at how easily my body became aqua-dynamic, my arms moving nearly effortlessly. My breathing evened out and off I went. Flip turns, gliding, breathing. It’s all so hypnotic and comfortable. However, it didn’t take long before my muscles were feeling tired and my pace slowed. I kept it going and finished a reverse 400 IM. The last 200 yards I cruised back and forth and let my mind wander. I use to memorize my AP English vocabulary terms while swimming long sets. There is something about the sound of my thoughts underwater that solidify them like glue to a page. Almost as if my thoughts become sonar and each wave bounces back to me allowing me to hear it again. I don’t know if I can explain it exactly, but its a magical thing. My own watery meditation.

I got out and finished watching my daughter in her lesson, doing my best to stay out of view. She always behaves differently when she knows I am around. I felt so proud of her watching her float and blow bubbles. What a fish she is going to be…once she decides she can do it. She’s getting to be such a big girl!

I took her to see the movie Tangled last Saturday. It’s the second time we’ve gone to a movie, and at the age of three, I figured she’d be able to sit through the whole thing. The theater was packed with kids, so she was very excited to be there. We sat next to two college aged girls and I told them, as we were squeezing past them to sit next to the wall, “Don’t worry, she’s a good kid.” I am not sure why I felt like I had to explain, or be apologetic about bringing my three-year old in the theater. I sad the words and immediately felt a little bad. Of course she’s a good girl, and even if she was not, (like a few kiddos in the theater) it was a kids movie. Anyway, these thoughts are pointless…the movie was great, we had fun and she was able to sit through the whole thing! Again, I was proud of her. I guess next time we’ll get some popcorn!

I recently bought myself a Sprout Master and have been having a lot of fun growing little crops of live yummy food. My little one and I like to crunch on them for snacks. Right now I am sprouting wheat. It will grow into Wheatgrass and I will eat that, juice that, or put it in my Vitamix for a super-duper green smoothie. I am very excited! I also have been reading up on how make sprouted wheat/grain bread. That is for sure a whole ‘nother post for different time. When I do write that post, it will focus mainly on how I feel and my experience with this quote:

“Living in harmony with the universe is living totally alive, full of vitality, health, joy, power, love, and abundance on every level”
Shakti Gawain

And this quote:

“The Doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”
Thomas A. Edison

I bet you’re looking forward to that one!


Today while driving home from the pool I saw three different men (of course they could not all be the same men) running. My heart grew a size watching them because they were all over-weight. One man was running by himself and I could tell he’d been at it for a while. He was very sweaty. The other two were running together as a support for each other. It seriously made me so happy for them that they were taking charge of their health to lose weight and take care of that one special body they’d been given. And then I remembered my swim from earlier that day and felt proud of myself for using my body. It really has been a while since I have exercised. I really do not enjoy it. Especially when I am out of shape. Go figure, right?! My body is capable of great things, and right now it hurts to tie my shoe. I have a desire to become fit. Not for weight loss, because that really isn’t the problem. The problem is that I my lungs and heart are out of shape. My muscles, well, they are not there and I tire easily when playing with my kiddos. I want to change that.
Has anyone ever heard of or done CrossFit? I have a friend who is doing it with her husband and I think I would like to do it. It sounds and looks pretty intense, but if I could just do it for two weeks to WHIP my body into shape, then I’d be able to really enjoy this summer doing the things that I love most. Hiking, biking, swimming and running. Maybe I’ll even climb a rope! When was the last time you did that?!

We went to a Hockey game tonight. First one I’ve ever been to. Thank you dear hubby for giving me yet another first. (Golfing and er…ahem, you know…) The game was really cool to watch. I can’t believe that the goalies can do the SPLITS! Ouch! The children enjoyed the crowd, the noise, the music and the Zamboni. What a cool invention that turned out to be! My favorite part about the game were the FIGHTS that broke out randomly. Everything would be fine and the next thing you know two players are throwing their gloves and helmets across the ice and punching each other! It was refreshing to see that! And that is weird because I am usually really turned off by violence. Three fights broke out during the game and each time my heart skipped a beat! I had to explain to my three-year old that those players had to go to the “time out” box because they were fighting and when the timer went off, they could play again. She totally got it.

I really like sporting events. Being amidst the crowd is such wonderful energy and I thrive off of it! The smells, the drunk people, the idiots with painted faces and no shirts. We are fans all rooting for a WIN and wow! It’s so much fun! What a great outing tonight! I have no clue what the rules are of hockey, but as long as there is action like there was tonight, I’m all in!

I’m thinking about how for the past few weeks dear hubby and I have been going to bed very late. Like after midnight. We piddle, read, play games, (he plays), blog, snack and finally one of us begins to turn the house off (as I call it). Turn off lights, computers, put away food, brush teeth, take off socks and crawl into bed. It isn’t long before the other joins and we snuggle up warm with each other, chat (oftentimes more) and then pass out. The nights are late and the mornings early. I am thinking this is a habit that needs to change.

And here I am, still up. Its 12:11 AM. Hubby just turned out his light. So off I go.



3 thoughts on “Writing it down

  1. You are so funny, what with your talk of firsts.

    I’m glad you got back in the pool. You know I’m an exercise addict.

  2. I love your writing! It flows, has humor, and the words find such familiar memories for me. What a beautiful day you had! P90X is a great way to get in shape. Can’t wait to hear about it….. 🙂

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