finding music

I grew up in a relatively musical home. My mother taught all six of her children (that includes me) how to play the piano and violin. I played both for six years before I won the battle and decided to quit.

Worst decision ever.

But what do you expect from a 14 year old?

Music was always a big part of our family gatherings. My childhood is written to the beat from bands like: Abba, Madonna, Marty Robins, Alison Krauss, John Denver, Peter Paul and Mary, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Joni Mitchelle. And when my parents divorced, they both remarried people who also had a love of music. My mother to a Folk musician, and my father to a sweet gal who sang in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I have always been blessed to have amazing exposure to all kinds of music and I think I have a pretty good appreciation for all genres because of my upbringing. Thanks be to my parents!

I have spent the last few years craving music in my home. It seems that I have nothing to offer my children except for the nightly lullaby and road trip obnoxious karaoke sing alongs to Journey. We listen to lots of music in my home. Seems like there is always a Pandora station rolling. Yet I still wish for those piano keys beneath my fingers, the violin tucked in comfortable beneath my chin or my voice tuned perfectly and able to improvise to an accompanying guitar.

Tonight I headed up to Red Butte again with my family to listen in on Alison Krauss perform her yearly concert here. I love her. Love love love her. Folky, bluegrassy, pure musical genius. And a voice of an angel. I sang along.

We came home and sat around a little fire with some neighbors. One gal shared her talent of music as she sang quietly among us to her little ukelele. She’s got talent. Real talent and I found myself hmming along to her songs in harmony. It felt so good. Her voice, also like an angel, but with brilliant power- it all just flowed so freely from her little frame, like it was always meant to be. I am so grateful that she shared her talent! Go here to listen to Emily’s music.

I am motivated. I know this may be “copycat”, but I want to learn the uke. I played a little on it and it felt really comfortable. I think I could get the hang of it quite easily. More easily than a guitar, which I’ve been dinking around on for years…
I want my children to see their parents practice an instrument and get better at it. (hubby can play the guitar) I want THEM to do the same.

I want to find music again and bring it into my home.


2 thoughts on “finding music

  1. I am SO JEALOUS that you were able to see Alison Krauss live. She is my all-time favorite! She seems to put me in a trans every time I listen.

    Way to go on learning something new. I too started guitar lessons a couple years ago and have been so happy that I didn’t talk myself into thinking it was too late!

  2. I wish I was a more musical person. I still have a lot of the same stuff in my ipod that I was listening to a decade ago. Neither my husband or myself are very musical, we’ll have to try to get some going in the next generation of people in our family 🙂

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