Saturday evening. The house is clean. Food prepped for tomorrow’s dinner. Laundry all put away. Children tucked safely in bed. Dear hubby, who is preparing something for tomorrow’s Sunday services, remains unavailable.

What to do?

  • I contemplate a shower. They are such a drag these days for some reason.
  • I came to terms with my stinky armpits, and decided to shower after all.
  • But not until I stood in front of the mirror running through the “what-if” scenario of actually shaving my head. I thought better of it.
  • Instead I made funny ponytails with my hair which looked like a web all over my face, like a mask. Never done that before!
  • Showered. (It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.)
  • I reflected on my starving relationship with the special girl who gave me that book. She was right. I really am a Grasshopper.
  • I thought about writing on exactly that topic and about how I really feel like a Grasshopper in a world of Ants.  (seemingly)
  • I thought about how writing it all out overwhelms me…So I stopped and decided to do something else I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Not write, but…
  • Sharpen my colored pencils. Fifty-nine of them. By hand.

Okay. Got that done. Time to write. I can’t procrastinate it any longer.
Grabbed the laptop, trusty iPad for some music (currently: Tracy Chapman Radio on Pandora) and my uke. (because THAT always helps me write.)
Then I spent about an hour surfing various Ukulele sites. What a quirky little obsession I have with that instrument! A lot of the sites help force me to realize just how ameture I am on the uke. But I still attempt songs that are beyond my skill level. Just in case I can nail it. One of these days that strategy will work…

Tonight’s song: Country Road by John Denver. I know. Everyone should know that one, right? Singing/playing that song I thought that maybe Mr. Denver didn’t really die in that airplane wreck back in ’97…what if he really is still alive and just hiding from all that fame?! How difficult would it be to arrange your timely death, just to live on in peace?

I finally put the uke down and began this little bit of writing. Which, to my surprise, actually is funny to me- that I would share this. Because, after all, what exactly have I accomplished?

Just another night of procrastinating what I set out to do in the first place: to write something meaningful.

Welp, goodnight!


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