Juice Fasting days 1-3

I’ve begun it. I finally followed my husband’s advice and quit reading and talking about it and I just did it. Today marks the end of Day 3 of a 10 day Juice Fast.

Why have I decided to do this? Why am I crazy? I don’t know exactly, except that I am in the thick of it now and I can’t stop now! Especially because now I am accountable to you! I am not the type to just give up on something just because it is hard. (At least I think I’m like that.) If you have not read my previous post about juicing, take a gander here and then come on back here and continue reading about the how the last three days have gone for me.

First of all, for those of you who are interested in doing a juice fast, check out this website (affiliated with the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”) Whether you are looking for weight-loss or a general “Reboot”, there are many programs, complete with menu plans and support groups to help you on your way.

I stated above that I don’t really know why I am doing this. Let me rephrase that:

Now that I am actually doing this- I don’t know why I ever signed up! Before I began, the thought of 10 days with nothing but fresh juice sounded wonderfully healthy and empowering and cleansing and and and…and it is…but wow. This is not easy. I began day one with the intent of a general reboot of my body. I plan on helping my system clear out and detox with some hydrotherapy and massage (of course).

Let me just say that the difficulty of doing a 100% juice fast is NOT that of hunger. I have not been hungry once since I started. I am in fact, very full about 80% of the time.  What is hard about this that the thing that I love to do has been taken from me. Let me explain. I figure I am in my kitchen the better part of my day. (I am sitting at my kitchen table right now!) It is comfortable in here. There is a lot of light. I like the sound of the ticking clock, the running water and my children at my feet, on the counter helping with food prep or making a mess at the table. Our lives seem to happen in this space.

I find there is a simple bliss in preparing meals and snacks for myself and family. I like experimenting with random recipes. I love baking cookies with Talie and sharing the beaters to lick. There is a certain satisfaction, not just with FOOD, but with my handiwork in it. It takes time and effort and in the end, sitting down to a home cooked meal is satisfying in so many ways. Eating it is MY reward for my hard work. The time spent with my children as well as with the food is very enjoyable. I guess you could also say that my food rewards me. Hot chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven, anyone?

I’m salivating.

But juicing? The whole process takes all of 10 to 15 minutes. Juicing forces you to treat food as fuel. And then you leave the kitchen.  I feel like I have betrayed food, and so there is no reward for me. I suck it down through a straw, fill my stomach and move on with  my day. Which, incidentally, feels very open and void. Ah. The other dilemma. What do I do with all of this time? I never realized just how much time I spent each day dealing with food.

There is still my children and husband to feed. I’ve resorted to left-overs and rice so far. The prep is very difficult to do without the tasting. I made pancakes this morning. It went alright, but it was a modified recipe because I didn’t have any eggs. So I had to taste the vegan batter to make sure they were going to be good. Don’t worry- they were good. 

I digress. Let me take you through Sunday through today.

Sunday was Fast Sunday in my church, so I did that. I fasted with no food or water for nearly 20 hours. It actually felt really good to give my body that rest. Also, I felt pretty good spiritually. And that’s a plus! I am proud to say that I attended a church potluck where Tacos were being served and I abstained courageously from partaking. I sipped on water with lemon with determination.

The rest of the evening went pretty smoothly. I juiced and filled my body with yummy juice and felt grateful for such plentiful veggies and fruits. Day one finished. Hallelujah!

Day two I had a relapse. Everything was going great until my husband came home and I had to make dinner. That was when I reheated the twice baked potatoes I had made on Saturday night. I knew how good they tasted already. I had to keep myself out of the kitchen while they heated in the oven. Too bad the aroma floated through our entire house. I sat with my family sipping my Gazpacho juice (very good, indeed).

I was so conflicted! I was NOT hungry! I just wanted a bite of that cheesy potato! My family left me alone in the kitchen and in a [not so fleeting] moment of weakness, I took a bite from Talie’s plate. It was amazing. And so I finished off both her’s and Henry’s left-over potato while I was clearing the dishes. It equaled about a half of a potato all together and it was good. I just didn’t stop! I don’t regret eating it either! It’s not like it was a candy bar..

In the evening I was grumpy and I questioned over and over again why I was doing this. I felt silly for having chosen this and in the same breath I was holding myself to it. I felt emotional to the point that when Talie accidentally bonked my mouth with her head, leaving me with a fat lip, I cried. Yes, it hurt, but me crying turned into an outlet for my frustration.

There are  withdraw symptoms when you come off of food. I related to the addicted individual coming off their high, knowing they wouldn’t get their next fix.  The battle is in my head. I cannot believe just how connected my life is with food. This causes me much self-reflection as to why and what else I could be doing with my time other than having it revolve around food. Or, another thought, if I even want that relationship to change. If it is GOOD, WHOLESOME food that I am in love with, then what is the harm?

Remember in the previous post, how Chris said he may be on board with me? I knew it was all a farce! Last night I had to leave the house while Chris made himself some yummy chips and cheese with salsa (aka nachos). Those are my favorite. He also enjoyed a Mountain Dew. Today he ate at Cafe Rio. Tonight the kids had rice with fish sticks the GOOD kind, from Costco. I love fish sticks. I enjoy rice. I cheated again and had just one bite of rice. Which turned out to be a bad idea. Totally bloated me out. Yuck. I think I may have learned my lesson. When you go for so long without solids, you have to slowly and gently work your way back onto solids.

Wow- this is turning into a very negative take on doing a juice fast. But I’m just being honest. I’m acknowledging that it is difficult, but am sticking with it. I will not let the little moments of weakness get me down. I mean, I haven’t let them get to me. And I plan on continuing this. If only for the sake of saying that I’ve gone ten days without a solid food meal. Bragging rights? I DO however feel very energized. I am surprised that I have been able to work out two days this week and have not felt shaky or jittery. My blood glucose levels have remained balanced and overall, I really do feel good physically. (Also, I should probably stop reading my favorite food blogs during this…I just found this one!)

Today was day 3. I did better. Good juice. Good workout. I put me and my kids to work making valentines and vacuumed my house. For dinner, I heated my juice and drank it from my bowl. That was a nice change and it was yummy, like veggie broth. I will do that again for sure. I don’t like drinking all of this cold or room temp liquid. I feel cold.

So that’s it for now. I hope that my attitude changes quickly because I don’t want this to be a blah experience. Tomorrow is day 4. That’s great, right? This has actually been going by quickly. Stay tuned! I’ll write again soon as this crazy part of my life’s choices continues to unfold! 

Until then, Cheers!


6 thoughts on “Juice Fasting days 1-3

  1. 1- while reading this post I found myself in desperate need of a midnight snack. 2- It’s a damn good thing I decided to do a test run on a scrap piece of wood with my woodburning tool before torching my table…..that shiz aint easy.

    • Kaelee,
      You make me smile! I’m glad you didn’t mess up your whole wall! It does take some practice to get the burning to turn out just right.

      I too want a midnight snack…EVERY NIGHT!

  2. I’m so proud of you Holly! As you were talking about enjoying being in the kitchen and missing THAT part of things, I was reflecting on what I ultimately want my “routine” to be. I want to surround my life more fully once we move with juicing, fasts and cleanses, all those things that I love. What I think my passion surrounding it will be is tending to my garden outside and even to the herbs and spices I plan to plant and grow in my kitchen. I want to cultivate that delicious and healthy food and then bring it into my lovely kitchen and prepare nutritious and energizing “Super Meals” for us and let my family be a part of that experience. I want to teach them a new way of preparation, and give them a different experience in the kitchen than most. 🙂 Thanks for this blog post today. It really got me thinking and got me really excited. I’m so excited for you. I know it’s hard to be the only one in your house, but you’re being a great example. I’ll need to visit with you about your resources you were talking about. I’m interested. Love you! Call me if you need a boost!

    • You are so good at know what it is that you WANT! I’ve been thinking about that the past few days and know that this will easier when I can shift my thoughts to the positive benefits of doing a Juice Fast, or eating super good in general. Well, the eating good I am pretty good at LOVING. Anyway, I too have the same vision in my head of the cycle of my food. From SEED to PLATE and all the hard work and good energy that goes into it along the way.

      We’ll come one summer and help you weed your garden. 🙂

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