Juice Fast Days 4 and 5

Today is the nearing the end of day five of this Juice Fast. And now that my stomach is sufficiently filled, I can sit down and write more about how things are going.
I know in my last post, I was all gung-ho about finishing the full 10 day fast. Well, my plans have changed. But don’t worry, I haven’t fallen off the wagon 100%. I’ll explain a few of the reasons as to why I am changing directions beginning tonight.

Already we know that even though I chose to do this, I started out with a bad attitude (and have not shaken that attitude until today) which made days 1-4 quite difficult for me at the end of each day.  It was dinnertime that kicked my trash. I was irritable, tired, usually cold and just wanted a bowl of comfortable spaghetti like the rest of the family was having! Being with my own family was causing grief and I was spreading my bad energy all over the place! Sigh. I know better than to do that. But alas, I am weak.

The cheating hasn’t stopped…I’ve been eating little bites of fruit or veggies or the kids snacks all over the place. Not huge amounts, but enough to make me laugh at myself. Its not like what I was sneaking is unhealthy, its just that it wasn’t in the prescribed juice fast plan. What is it about rules that just beg me to disobey?!  To avoid the “rule breaking” problem, I decided to just make my own rules: I’m changing my plans.

When I got home from working this evening, I went straight into the kitchen and had a kiwi. And it was delightful. And instant pick me up. (Didn’t want to wait for the fresh juice!) The new plan is now to continue for another 5 days doing a simple meal plan found on Reboot your life. See it here. I will continue to juice and slowly add in raw, chewable veggies and fruits for another 5 days. Thats 5 days Juice Fast (at about 97% accuracy) + 5 days juicing and eating mostly raw = 10 days of “Rebooting”/cleansing/detoxing. See, I’m not quitting. I’m modifying my original plan so that I don’t go completely crazy and drive my husband to leave me! AND, when I have a dinner date with my lovey sometime next week, I’ll actually be able to order something off the menu without having to rush for the bathroom! I’m planning ahead!…something I should have done before I began this little adventure!

And there you have it.

I feel like I should share with you the positive side to all of this. I haven’t been shedding the brightest light on doing this sort of thing. In fact, if you were considering it before, you probably have been totally turned off to the idea. I hope that is not the case. My fault has been in the lack of mental preparation and clarity as to WHY I am doing it. Plus, it may have been helpful to not being doing it all alone. I foolishly thought that dusting off my juicer and stuffing 200$ worth of fresh produce into my fridge was enough preparation…well, now I know. 🙂
The good thing about this week has been me exercising my will-power. And while it may seem weak at times, I have to be happy that I have made it this far. Just taking it one day at a time has forced me to slow down and enjoy the simple things. In addition to will-power, I have had the opportunity to spend more time during my day for other things I am interested in. I’ve been making valentines, reading more, playing more with my kids. I have felt a clarity in my mind and increased energy due to the high intake of nutrients. I have great ideas rattling around in my head and a little bit of irrational motivation to put them into action. (More on that later…) My colon has cleaned itself out. I’ve had energy to exercise more intensely and I sleep more soundly.

I do feel wonderful physically. I have lost about 5 pounds (probably in water weight and fecal matter. eeew!) which would be great for someone who is wanting to lose weight…I know that weight will come back on slowly- and I welcome it. So for now, while Aunt Flo prepares for arrival, I’ll ease my way back into a well-rounded raw diet and hopefully that will up my spirits, allow for complete cleansing and my heart can be happy again. I can find joy in these next 5 days. Already my body feels yummy and loved with my Raw Carrot Ginger soup warming me up.

PS If you make the carrot ginger soup, I’d recommend backing off on the cayenne pepper…unless you like it spicy! Otherwise, it is VERY tasty!


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