Juice Fast 6-7

My juicer broke. I guess Jack LeLanne’s power juicer isn’t quite powerful enough for raw beets.


Its a good thing that these days consisted mostly of smoothies made with my trusty Vitamix, and raw veggies. Also, the Vitamix does juices- but with the pulp. The salads have been divine! There is something about actually chewing that is just heaven.

Physically, I have felt more tired since coming back onto solids. I’ve read that this happens when you come off of a fast of any kind. Your body has not been used to expending its energies for digestion. So when it does have to digest solids, you feel more tired. Interesting.

Emotionally, it has still been difficult. I never thought that doing a Juice Fast would bring up so much “stuff”! I’ll spare you the details, but let it be known that the past two nights that I have been able to make a super healthy dinner for my family, and then actually join in the feast, the energy has been a little better in our home.

Today is day seven and I am still enjoying smoothies and fresh veggies from the years supply that is still in my fridge! There are some very yummy smoothie concoctions out there. This morning I enjoyed this delightful, energizing smoothie. And can you believe that I actually had 10 of the 11 ingredients on hand? Weird. Thank you dear hubby for making a late night run to Whole Foods for shredded coconut. (if you don’t like coconut, don’t worry, you cannot even taste it!)

Three more days of shoveling veggies and fruit into my body and then on to…hopefully the same thing. Now the question is, do I, A) fix the broken juicer? ($30 to redeem the lifetime warranty…shipping.) B) Return it to Costco and don’t even bother with it. or C) use the cash from Costco towards a NEW juicer? (wowza! thats not cheap!…any suggestions on great juicers out there?)

Okay, that was as a silly question…
But in the meantime, I sorta miss that clean, pulp-free juice!


6 thoughts on “Juice Fast 6-7

  1. explain juicing vs. smoothies in the vitamix…… more nutrients in the smoothies, no? But juicing to cleanse and purge? Boo on the facebook ditch. Sort of, but also, Bravo!

    • You’re right Kaelee, when you do a 100% fruit/veggie smoothie, you’re getting all of the fiber that you would normally get. Of course that is good, however, the idea with a Juice Fast is to give your digestive tract a break from digestion. When you omit the fiber and push nutrient dense liquid through your body, then you are able to clear yourself out. And its a plus that you don’t ever really feel hungry with the juice. There are fasts out there where you only drink water with a tincture of lemon, cayenne and maple syrup/honey. I think I would die!

      The Facebook thing. I need to write about that.

  2. thanks for the shout out. That energizer smoothie is my favorite. So glad you have been have such good results with drinking your juice. If your juicer broke, might I suggest the Omega 8006 masticating juicer. I just bought this juicer a few months ago and I’m obsessed with it. The only downside is that you have to cut up your veggies before throwing it in. (Im spoiled from the vitamix) I found the juicer online at Bed Bath and Beyond for around $300 and brought one of those 20% off coupons they mail out into the store and ordered online but at the store. They honored the coupon and waived the $20 shipping fee. I ended up getting it for around $220 (which was at least $100 less than I found it anywhere else online…even ebay). Maybe after this baby I’ll have to give a bonafide juice cleanse a try. I liked that documentary. I thought it brought up a lot of good points.

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