Breaking up with Facebook

Its been nearly two weeks since I decided to pull the plug on my Facebook account. I am still not 100% clear as to why I left. There are people who leave because of privacy concerns. There are conspiracy theorists like Anonymous and their followers who think FB is going to take over the world or something crazy like that…whatever.
And then there are people like me who for one small reason or another realize that Facebook consumes all together way too much time of my day, my thoughts, and not to mention my picture taking! So, because I am terrible with time management, and I don’t really want to feel like I am being babysat by some program on my computer that regulates my time on FB, or any other site for that matter, I decided to just get rid of it all together. Although perhaps a program like that would work well for others. I’d just reset my time! Extreme? Maybe.

I do miss catching up on people’s lives, seeing pictures of new babies and fun adventures. But I do not miss the wasted time. Not one bit. I hope to direct that time toward my home, my children and to this blog. With Facebook gone, it is now up to me to reach out and create meaningful real relationships. It seemed with Facebook, all I had to do was post a picture or say something clever and, BOOM, I had recognition, debate, praise, “likes”. It was so simple. Yet I could sit in the same room with most of these people and not have a thing to say (unless the conversation began like this: “did you see that post on Facebook?…”) And that’s just too bad.

On the other hand, I do miss the instant communication that was available with my neighbors. “Do you have an egg?” or “I’m selling my office chair.” A phone call a knock on the door, or a late night trip to the store are now my options. And those are fine options, but certainly not as convenient. There are really great things about Facebook. For one, it was the main source of advertisement for this blog! Needless to say, my readership has gone down. I do want readers. I want to be heard. And that was why I did enjoy having Facebook. (Perhaps you’ll share The Sycamore?) People out there “listened”, but I usually have much more to say than what I can post in a Facebook status. Not having that little outlet should bolster my blog writing.  And this kind of writing always feels good to my heart. I am that girl who has 20+ journals on my book shelf from a lifetime of writing. Sadly, filling up my journals has taken a slower pace. My hand starts to hurt after just a few minutes of writing with my trusty old pen. That is really sad!

I go back and forth on my decision to delete. Facebook does not make it easy, or enticing to leave its multi billion member interface.  You can just “deactivate” your account, or you can actually delete it. But if you or one of your devices logs on like you did before, all of your requests are voided and you’ll have to click that delete button again. Before I cut the cord, I downloaded a copy of my entire Facebook existence so I have all of the conversations, all the photos, comments and most importantly, the thread of my son’s home birth. There are 14 days before the account is actually deleted completely. If I log on anytime before the the “scheduled deletion date”, it will not be deleted. They really really don’t want me to go!
I may or may not be back.  I have to laugh because I do have a Twitter account that I have been using a bit more the past few days. (Follow me there @thesycamoregirl) and I’ve been writing here more, which is feels so good!

We’ll see how connected I can become without the aid of Facebook.  I just need to get back to me, void of all the distractions, propaganda and other things that made me compare myself to others in a negative way. Interestingly enough, I once read this on Facebook: “You were born an original.  Don’t die a copy.”  ~John Mason

For me, I was beginning to feel a little like I was just a copy.  It felt like I was losing my authenticity. And that was enough to click delete.


8 thoughts on “Breaking up with Facebook

  1. Congratulations! That is a big step. I think it’s good to follow what you feel is best for you. I’ve cut back on my Internet time all around and have found a lot more time to do some other things that I felt like I didn’t have time for. And if it’s going to get you to blog more, then I’m all for it!

  2. Speaking of “being heard” I need to get my blog restarted again!
    Wonderful post, as always. And it is so true! Except for me I have actually been spending less and less time on FB, things get boring, nothing to say nothing to look at anymore!

  3. Serious Kudos. It is such a waste of time. I have been avoiding the fact that the number one thing I know I need to change is the amount of time I spend online. It takes away from time with Hazel, Mike, and especially my duties here at home. It’s shameful really, how often I am on. My excuse is that I live so far away, disconnected from everything…..I can’t bring myself to cut ties with the one thing that I feel at times keeps me sane out here. But is that just an excuse? Is it in fact contributing to my discontent? would I be a happier, more productive person without it? Your choice came at a time when I have been pondering this very thing.

    • Kaelee,
      There is a huge plus for some people to feel connected to people when they otherwise have no contact. Our dear friend E, there in Kamas is the same. For some online stuff is indeed what keeps them SANE and allows for “adult conversation” in a personal world that revolves around kids and home. I am not living in a situation like that however. All I have to do is step outside my front door and I am surrounded by friends and family.
      So really, Facebook, or the Internet is NOT the problem…its me. Learning time management is a hard one for me. But I tell you what- without the temptation, we are much more content around here.

      You do have a point however, wondering if you’d be more content with out it. You may just be able to CREATE what you want out there and love it, without the distractions of what the “Perfect home/family/yard/life” looks like, you know?

      How did we do it before the Internet was?

  4. LOL I have heard new rumours about some saving thing they intend to do …. So if you are lucky nothing of what you have written, posted will ever be deleted.

    Just wait until one of your posts hits the “Freshly pressed” then I am sure you will have plenty of readers. 😉
    I “made the mistake” of ticking off the “notify me of follow-up comments” on a post that I commented on. I think that blogger must have had about 500+ comments on his post.

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