Creative genius and other thoughts

  • The thoughts in my head rarely come out as planned when I write them. Bummer. Because in my head, they sound much better. Either that or I am very conceited. Actually, that is probably not an either/or probability. I AM conceited. How do you shake that?
  • Chris is eating BBQ chips in the other room. I can hear him crunch crunch crunching on them and I am salivating. Doesn’t he know I bought those for me?
  • I play the ukulele a bit. I am not very good, and I am sure that those around me who have heard me play wish I would stop…or just get better faster.  I would like to learn to play and sing If I die Young by The Band Perry.
  •  My Dear Hazel fell in love with this ring. Then I fell in love with it and Chris bought it for me for Valentines day. Isn’t he so nice?! Kaelee, did you get it? It makes my life complete. I’m not even kidding!
  • I am listening to Gotye right now. (pronounced “gore-ti-yeah”, strange I know, but that is what it says on his bio, so it must be right.) I Love their sound which is reminiscent of Talking Heads, Depeche Mode and other epic 80’s bands. Yet they are totally Indie Rock. I am particularly impressed with the song, Somebody that I used to Know. Have you heard it? I can’t stop listening to it and watching that video. (Imbedded below) He sort of looks stoned in the video…and he’s naked, but I promise you don’t see anything. I love his crooked, yet straight teeth. They are real, and for some reason tonight that is comforting to me. The lyrics to this song make me think about a few people that I “used to know”. It is a bit painful to think about them and I realize that maybe I’ve got some forgiving to do.

How is it that music can invoke such raw emotion? Creative genius.
I love it.


14 thoughts on “Creative genius and other thoughts

  1. No, didn’t get it. priorities. I’m so jealous though! I too wish My thoughts came out as they happen in my head. Some people have a way with words. I am not one of them. That song/video is rad. It has been frequenting the Alt Nation Sirius station I listen to in the car, because I am hip like that.

  2. Thank God I am not the only one!
    I feel the same way when I get an idea for a post or a subject that I want to write about. While preparing and pre-thinking it in my head it sounds “aaaawsome”.
    When I start putting it down …. *boooohoooohoooo* it more then often just looks lame.

  3. I think you rock at the ukulele, and I think that song by the band perry would be super sweet. Can’t wait to hear it! You should bring your uke to my house in April.

  4. As pertaining to the video; There has to be a deeper level of complexity and symbolism but it has eluded me thus far. As it stands, it’s just a pretty naked painted girl and an emotional dude.

    • WHAT?! How could you NOT see the deeper symbolism?! Oh man…This is exactly why I write and you go out and make the money, love!

      My favorite part of the video is right when Kimbra starts to move over to him. Like at minute 2:45. She rolls her shoulders and comes over to confront him about their relationship. -watch his facial expressions, breath and lips twitching. He is uncomfortable, in emotional pain and she’s calling him out on it, like its his fault that the relationship didn’t work. In the end when she gets “unpainted”, to me that is the sign that she is done, they are not a part of that beautiful tapestry together anymore. They are different and her standing there in stark nakedness is a mark of their separateness.

    • They harmonies he makes through his synthesizer and different beats. Mmm. Great song. I’ve been listening to everything I can get my hands on with this band, and Kimbra. So glad I found them! Why you been holding out on me?! 😉

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