Saving your life, one coconut at a time

It sorta makes my stomach turn to think about the summer I regularly drank Diet Coke.  I drank it because I preferred the taste to a fully-leaded Coke. I drank it for a boost of energy (caffeine) and I drank it socially. ie- “Lets go on a Coke run!”

Now if I even have one drink I get headaches and my stomach is not happy. I know aspartame is only part of the problem in dark sodas like cola and other sugar-free products, but after reading this article, I really don’t see why the FDA doesn’t make it illegal to add to products! I guess it is only a matter of time! Hopefully.

With side-effects like: increased risk for cancer, mental disorders and degeneration of brain cells, headaches, weight gain (WHAT?!) and increased blood sugar, why do we (collectively) still consume this chemical?!

If you eat or drink DIET or sugar-free anything, I hope you’ll take the time to read the article and others like it. It may save your life, or something like that.

In other news, my preferred drink these days is coconut water.  The health benefits of this drink, though not ALL substantiated, are A.MAZING. I’m in love. Have you tried it?!  I’ve tested about 5 different brands and when I get the chance, I stock up on these. Or these. Worth every penny.


9 thoughts on “Saving your life, one coconut at a time

  1. But it’s just so tasty! I’m actually getting off the juice, I find it makes it harder for me to train for my race. Alas, i love it. I tried to click on your link, and it just opened up your “Life Lessons learned from a mug” Thanks for keeping us healthy!

  2. Personally I stay away from everything artificial. I find the taste of *any* of the artificial sweeteners revolting – detect them right away in the majority of products. So if Coke, for the lack of any other beverage, is the only option then only the real thing, But even there, after not having had it for a loooong time, I taste the difference and it makes me shudder.
    People just need to learn that anything diet, low fat, and so on is basically a whole lotta cr#¤%&. If something is taken out it has to be substituted with something else. Even if it might taste good (another thing we often aren’t aware of is that we might experience things as good because our taste buds have been “poisoned” on a regular basis) it isn’t really because it is a chemical substitute.
    We better stick to the foods/beverages that are basics and the way they suppose to be. And I even mean the fatty and sweet stuff. We just have to learn to eat it in moderation or work out a bit more. 😛

  3. I just had to comment b/c I am a hard-core hater of aspartame. Well, all fake sweeteners, really. They just have the worst aftertaste, so regardless of any health issues, I can’t stand it.

  4. I try to stay away from aspartame, too. It’s so funny to me how people think they can trick nature. There is no way to eat overly sweet, unhealthy things all the time and stay healthy, whether they have real sugar or “fake” sugar. But I definitely like real sugar from time to time 🙂

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