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For years, I have been interested in the Montessori method of schooling my children. Even before I had children of my own, I knew that I wanted to send my kids to a private Montessori institution. After having worked in a public school setting for a school year, my heart was saddened by how many children I saw without a light in their eye. The following video may help you understand what I mean when I say that.

My 4 year old daughter is a Learner. She, like most children her age, is naturally inquisitive, probing, independent and a hard worker. I would hate to see that natural drive be thwarted by an educational system that seems to be broken. I love the Montessori philosophy. I love the innovative thinking and I love that it is a Child-led learning environment. We do our best to provide this same way of being in my home. We have held off on enrolling our 4 year old in a conventional preschool program. (You can read my reasons here) But as my daughter is maturing, I can see that she may be ready for something beyond what we are doing here at home, either that, or I need to up my game. (Which translates to Homeschooling…) And I am not talking about traditional academia. I am talking about keeping that flame of wanting to learn alive! I believe my responsibility as a parent is to cultivate that natural drive. And I believe that providing my children with the best possible education is part of that responsibility. (Whether from our home or an institution.) Speaking of “upping my game”, I think I could spend my entire life savings in this store!…then I wouldn’t need to enroll my children in a school!

There are many Montessori school in my area, however they carry an expensive price tag. It is a price I am willing to pay and the time is soon approaching that I need to take a step forward for enrollment. This reminds me of Gilmore Girls when Lorelei finally breaks down and exchanges the cost of tuition for Rory to attend a prestigious Private High School for Friday night dinners each week! (Pilot) (I don’t think it will come to that. We already have dinner with my parents a lot.)

Anyhow…if you are unfamiliar with the Montessori method, or you see your own child struggling with conventional schooling , I hope you’ll take some time to learn about the other great options for educating your children and what you can do at home to help them rekindle that fire. There are some great videos that follow the one above that you can watch.  I feel so excited about this!!! Seriously excited.

From the above link “montessori method” :

The potential of the child is not just mental, but is revealed only when the complete “Montessori method” is understood and followed. The child’s choice, practical work, care of others and the environment, and above all the high levels of concentration reached when work is respected and not interrupted, reveal a human being that is superior not only academically, but emotionally and spiritually, a child who cares deeply about other people and the world, and who works to discover a unique and individual way to contribute. This is the essence of real “Montessori” work today.

In other news, said 4 year old daughter had her very first piano lesson yesterday! She loved it!


9 thoughts on “Montessori School

  1. I love love love love LOVE Montessori! I am thinking of doing online training for it, so I can home-school Hazel, because there just aren’t (good) Montessori schools around here. That is to say that although Park City has Montessori schools that are doing what they should, and following the curriculum, but in my experience with nannying in park city, many parents send their kids to the Montessori schools CAN and because it is TRENDY, yet they have no idea what it is about, and they do not do the work AT HOME that they need to do to implement the school’s methods. The kids I observed in those situations did not have any light in their eyes. The teachers were amazing but the kids were mean. Mean to other kids, mean to teacher, brats that thought that everyone worked for them…..I don’t want to stick Hazel in Montessori school filled with over-privileged, arrogant children. However there is a Montessori school on the frontage road near silver summit that has coupled Montessori methods with Native American traditions. I drive by it and I feel a pull and yearning. It has tipis and horses, they have a ski instructor on-staff, they only accept 20 students of different ages. I can’t imagine ever being able to afford sending Hazel there. Perhaps the pull I am feeling is for myself? I better get on that online training I suppose! Regardless, Montessori is amazing, and i have already started implementing much of the practical life for children from birth to three years with Hazel.

    • I can see what you mean about over-privileged children…Montessori is definitely a way of life. I too am interested in learning all I can about the method so as to implement it through all facets of life. In MY own life too!
      My little brother attended Soaring Wings Montessori there in PC like 20 years ago. They have definitely grown, what with three new campuses! I can see it as a trend, but Hallelujah for that, huh?! There just needs to be an element of parent education as well- meaning that PARENTS should engage more fully. Although, we are stay at home moms…I can imagine that parents who work full-time may find it more difficult to find the time/energy to completely implement the Montessori way while at home. Make sense?

      I hope you go check out that Native American Montessori school…it sounds wonderful! There is a wonderful school very near to my home…and at 6K a year…whoosh! Thats a lot of massages I need to do!!!

  2. Thank you for this post. My kids schooling is one area where I have felt a lot of anxiety. I decided a long time ago the traditional public school wasn’t for me, not that I think it’s bad for all, just not for me. With that I have had to explore the schooling spectrum from homeschool to intensive private and all in-between. I believe children learn through play and have tried to finding schooling that matches this belief. I’ve long loved Montessori and wished we had Waldorf schools here.

    • Kristin, the fact that you feel anxiety about the education of your children tells me that you will do all in your power to provide them with every opportunity for a positive learning environment. I’ve had to look at this- that as long as I am completely involved in their learning and cultivating children who LOVE to learn, they’ll be fine. Really. No matter what school they go to in the end. I mean, I turned out alright, didn’t I?

      Room Mother?! Bring it on! Co-op? Still interested in this.

  3. I went to Montessori for preschool and kindergarten and I remember loving it! I would totally enroll my son in their program. I’m excited for you guys. 🙂 I’m sure your daughter will love it.

  4. …..I am so astonished i don’t even Know what to say! I am jealous that I don’t have the chance to go to one of those. My dad had told me time and time again lately how I “used to love reading, and learning and doing things just to do them.” maybe that’s why it has faded. Students are so caught up with homework, and other students in the classes and it overwhelms them!(Us!) Kids also learn at their own pace, so if the unit is over, and you haven’t fully understood it, then your class moves on anyway. For example, in my chemistry class there have been many lessons that I didn’t grasp (even after PILES of homework and DAYS of studying) but there he went, ahead with the test, forget if you even know the things the test is on, we’re taking it anyway. I wish I had the opportunity to go a school like that.

    • Ettienne, now that you have some insight as to certain educational methods, you can do your part to educate YOURSELF in the manner that best suits you- EVEN if you are in a traditional system.

      Remember, you are the captain of your soul. 🙂

      PS- I failed Chemistry.

  5. My mom works at a Montessori School in St George. She thinks its the only way to go. Maybe you should be Montessori trained, then you could teach, and your kids could attend your school for Free. That’s how my mom’s school works atleast.

    • That is a very good idea, Heidi! When my littlest brother was 5, my mother cleaned the school at night in exchange for his tuition at the Montessori school. I’m not sure how long that lasted, but I’d be willing to do that also!
      I am going to research how to get certified as a Montessori teacher!

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