Sycamore Girl

This blog is dedicated to my thoughts on the growth going on around me and inside me.

Paralleling my favorite tree is the girl within me. I’ll be sharing my experiences, my thoughts, my fears and dreams to no one in particular, in an effort to solidify them in my own mind. They are as real to me as cold feet on a concrete floor, or the warm sun on my shoulders. I don’t want to limit the scope of my subjects, so my posts will encompass it all.

The beautiful thing about writing is that I can say what I want without being interrupted, judged out rightly or hushed. I will say what I want to say, while standing tall on my soap box when I want. And let me just say, I have many soap boxes.

If anyone is reading this besides me, I welcome your comments.

Read my very first post for more insight into Sycamore Girl.



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