Sailing Her Own Ship

When I walked into Talie’s room on Thursday morning, she was busy, knee deep in construction paper and tape.

“Mom, I wanna sell these.”

“What exactly are they?”

“Horns! And you can do anything with them!”

“What do you mean? Show me.”

She then demonstrated a lovely song tooted through the funnel shaped, taped, paper. Then this horn became a hat. And then a pirates spy-glass.

“See? Anything! And I want to sell them for $2.00 each!”

“You want to sell that piece of paper for $2.00?”

“Uh huh!”


It was all I could do to not tear her little plan down. Who would want to pay $2.00 for a simple little craft they could easily make on their own? It was exactly that thought that changed my mind about trying to talk her out of her plan.

Sheesh, I thought. I buy things from other people all the time! And most of of what I buy I could easily make on my own!

Luckily this five year old doesn’t yet have strong concept on the value of money. (except that she wants it!) So after helping her understand that a fair price for her product was probably about $0.25, we set up her shop and she hung her shingle. I posted a quick advertisement on Facebook, (there’s that Marketing 1010 put to good use), and off she went to sell her wares.

And can you believe it? She sold every single one of those Horns That You Can Do Anything With!


Who am I to stifle my children’s entrepreneurial gusto? Little ones have no fear. I see that they are unafraid of risk or failure. They are fueled by ideas. In their little minds, the steps to success are simple and straightforward. Ship landed. Boarded. Sailed. And she’s on it! Not only is she on it, she is at the helm!

Why do I make things so complicated? By the time I have my fears and motivations sorted, risks and benefits weighed, steps organized and the whole process more complicated, that ship has sailed! I’m left on the shore with my hands in the air wondering what happened.


This morning, I walked into Talie’s room and she was busy again. There on her floor are fourteen more Horns That You Can Do Anything With! Apparently demand is high and she doesn’t want to disappoint her customers.


Leave a comment here if you’d like one of these hot items! She accepts Paypal!


Akward Graduation

Graduations are not always what they are cracked up to be. I imagine the Graduation March song playing while students, like an army in uniform, trudge up the stage, receive their diploma, a picture and a few rowdy cat calls from the audience, and then awkwardly take their seat, this in their head: “huh. what a strange ritual.” All of this of course AFTER the litany of boring speeches given by students who are shaky, emotional and tripping over their words.

Or is it just me?

I graduated from Myotherapy College of Utah last Friday and the above mentioned scenario was actually painted better than how my graduation went down. Between the LONG poem addicted Mary, Miss Browne who kept calling the English Channel the English CANAL (and somehow that was related to her topic: Obstacles?!) and the lovely “keynote” speaker, Jenny who for some reason refused to speak into the microphone because she thought she had a loud booming voice (which she DID NOT!)…ah me. I’d say my own college graduation was the worst one I’ve ever been to!

I guess I don’t feel too bad now that my sister-in-law and my parents were the only ones who showed up. I’d hate to have to subject anymore of my family or friends to what we had to bear!

Uhg. Ok. So I am officially done with school. I am currently in the process of getting licensed and getting my Massage business underway. Incidentally, my business name is Sycamore Massage and Bodywork. I quite like it. My office is located in a prime area in Sugarhouse within the walls of a Green LEED Gold Certified building. That’s a pretty cool thing. (Look it up if you don’t know what it means.)

Now comes all the new fears, unknowns and excitements of being on my own in the world. I am lucky to have a husband who is business-minded and will help me all along the way. Massage? Sure. Health, wellness? Sure. Injury? Sure! Business? Ummm, not so much.

One thing everyone can be sure of, my business will not be like a boring graduation. Hmm. That metaphor is a stretch. Work it like you want. But for sure wish me luck!